RoadPatrol: New Concept and UI-Design

ÖAMTC is Austrias's largest Automobile, Motorcycle and Touring Club and works with comparable clubs worldwide. Since 2003 every ÖAMTC service vehicle is equipped with a notebook, which provides information on the current job and also offers a navigation and payment system. Since that time the application has not changed, instead it was extended with further functionalities. As time goes by, this resulted in a confusing application with a time consuming training phase.

And thats where we come in!

Our Services

  • Analyse and categorise the user requirements
  • Analyse the current Application
  • Creating a new concept of the application
  • Design a new navigation structure
  • Set up a clickprototyp

The goal

In 2019 the existing applications should be replaced by an intuitive, constistent and user centered application.

The Process

First of all we analysed and categorised the already collected user requirements. At a meeting at the ÖAMTC we got detailed insights into the current set up from people who work with it on a daily basis. Furthermore we got valuable information about the context of use and the challenges the drivers are confronted with.

After that we analysed the current application. At first glance it looked confusing and very technical. Also the screen seemed overloaded and the font was rather small. For someone who doesn't work with the application every day, the abbreviations were incomprehensible and the navigation illogical. So we set ourselves the goal of revising all these points. The new application should be friendly, user centered and easy to use.

To achieve this goal the next step was brainstorming, where for example the idea to use NFC for the login was born. This would simplify the previous two-step login process and users save valuable time. The required NFC module could then also be used in other scenarios. For example for scanning the membership card or the payment process. After all the information had been structured, we created a new concept of the application and designed a new navigation structure.

The Result

In the end we kept a well structured and intuitive prototype in our hands. A personal greeting on the start page welcomes the user and the profile photo of the registered user makes the whole system more friendly and user oriented. Through the integration of new technologies such as the use of NFC, the voice control for interacting with the system while driving or augmented reality as head-up displays, the everyday life of the drivers should be simplified.

Our Clients