UXfocus News Gamification Talk at Catalysts

Gamification Talk at Catalysts

Gamification is part of many company strategies already. Big and small companies aim for great results with gamification elements stuffed into their applications. Unfortunately, there is a big misunderstanding: It is not done by implementing gamified elements to rock the user experience of our customers.

At Catalysts our founder Thomas Grill was one of the speakers and discussed challenges and potentials of Gamification. He clarified myths around gamification and pointed out that social interactions are most important for players.

Studies show that the “Socializer“ represents around 80% of the playing population. - Thomas Grill

The uninstall rate is 30% immediately after the first download of an app at the playstore and after one month the average, who uninstalled an app, rose up to 70%. Nevertheless adults play on average 4-7 hours per week. This is a huge potential, that should be used.