UXfocus News UXfocus, your gamification expert in Austria!

UXfocus, your gamification expert in Austria!

Education is important for us here at UXfocus. Our founder Thomas Grill was newly awarded with the „Gamification - Creating Addictive User Experience“ certificate from the Interaction Design Foundation which was designed by Janaki Kumar (SAP). Thomas ranks in the best 10% course takers in the world. That is a remarkable achievement.

Gamification generates unique user experiences. The results show higher customer and employee loyalty. Gamification is a growing market. But we primely care for our customers.“Gamification is not the same as a game. Game-based methods and design elements are actually able to increase the motivation of employees and customers which triggers the overall customer satisfaction“, explains Thomas Grill. Everyday we elaborate how UXfocus can serve our customers in UX questions.

Interaction Design Foundation

Interaction Design Foundation (short: IDF) is a 2002 founded NGO from Denmark. Their vision is to democratise design education. IDF’s goal is to set „Ivy League“ standards for the whole industry. Since their beginning the initiative has formed a network with 457 local groups in 92 different countries. Interaction Design Foundation has collaborations with popular universities and companies like Stanford, Cambridge and SAP Labs.