UXfocus News Stefan's intership at UXfocus

Stefan's intership at UXfocus

As part of his studies Stefan did an internship at UXfocus. We have interviewed him. A short throwback.

UXfocus: The internship was teased with the words “not very common“: What was different about your internship at UXfocus compared to your previous ones?
Stefan: The internship at UXfocus was my longest working experience yet. Why it was not a everyday life internship? (smiles) You have to know that UXfocus moved during this time. It was sometimes quite chaotic. However, the move has progressed very quickly, the relocation has paid off in any case. The new office offers much more space than the previous one and is also well accessible by public transport.

What were your tasks at UXfocus? Please, give us one, two examples for it.
I was immediately included in ongoing projects and given the confidence to work independently on projects right from the start. For example, I was co-responsible for the new UI design of moveeffect. I was also in charge of the new CI of UXfocus.

What are you studying?
I study Media Technology and Design at FH Hagenberg.

What positive aspects will remain in your memory the most when thinking back to the UXfocus internship times?
I was welcomed with open arms. The working relationship with my colleagues was characterized by mutual respect for each other. I got the help I needed, everyone in the team had enough time to explain something new to me. Cooking together was a absolute highlight. It helped very much to integrate into the team. What is more I have to recommend Michael’s “Spargeltascherl“.

How would you complete this sentence: Work as a UX designer makes fun, because:
it is something between tech and design. I like that. UX is more than creating fancy designs, it is design that works. I have learnt that at UXfocus. Here I have been able to consolidate existing knowledge and learn a lot of new things.

Interested? Write and send us some words in a short email. The email address is: contact@uxfocus.at.

Ps: Stefan has extended his contract. He will stay with us even a bit longer.