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Stefan's intership at UXfocus

As part of his studies Stefan did an internship at UXfocus. We have interviewed him. A short throwback.

UXfocus: The internship was teased with the words “not very common“: What was different about your internship at UXfocus compared to your previous ones?
Stefan: The internship at UXfocus was my longest working experience yet. Why it was not a everyday life internship? (smiles) You have to know that UXfocus moved during this time. It was sometimes quite chaotic. However, the move has progressed very quickly, the relocation has paid off in any case. The new office offers much more space than the previous...

UXfocus & Digital Coach

UXfocus has started in an exciting research project at the beginning of May. As part of a cluster cooperation project with the IT cluster of Business Upper Austria, 4 companies have joined forces with the mutual goal to put coaching in the digital age. The companies Innoviduum, Mopius, mobile agreements and UXfocus are jointly developing the “Digitalcoach“. UXfocus defines...

Gamification Talk at Catalysts

Gamification is part of many company strategies already. Big and small companies aim for great results with gamification elements stuffed into their applications. Unfortunately, there is a big misunderstanding: It is not done by implementing gamified elements to rock the user experience of our customers.

UXfocus, your gamification expert in Austria!

Education is important for us here at UXfocus. Our founder Thomas Grill was newly awarded with the „Gamification - Creating Addictive User Experience“ certificate from the Interaction Design Foundation which was designed by Janaki Kumar (SAP). Thomas ranks in the best 10% course takers in the world.

Julia’s Internship at UXfocus

As part of her studies Julia did an internship at UXfocus. We have interviewed her. A short throwback.

UXfocus: Are you a coffee brewing champion now or what have you done at UXfocus?
Julia: (Laughs) I just brew coffee for myself. I was included in the day to day work right from the start and also involved in the relaunch of our website. In the last five months I have designed user interfaces and also worked on UX designs and evaluations like expert reviews. In my time here at UXfocus I have learned a lot in the different areas of user experience and usability and could apply knowledge from my studies to the daily challenges at work. I liked that a lot.

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