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Our services

We care about the good User Experience of your customers and clients!

With our services we ensure an increased user acceptance of your product!

We want to make your customers happy and you to know your customers and users!

Our services provide you with an in depth understanding of what is relevant for your users and customers.

Understand your customers!

User Centered Requirements Analysis

We dive into your customers' and clients' perspective to identify their requirements and incorporating them with functional requirements.
Depending on your problem we develop a customized concept that allows us to identify the required information in a quick and efficient way.

Your benefits: Interviews, focus groups, personas, touchpoint analysis and customer journey maps, questionnaires, contextual analysis, creativity methods, probing, etc.

Experience Centered Design

Interaction and Usage concepts, User Experience design, User Interface Design

We develop solutions in an iterative and goal-oriented way according to the identified user requirements We develop the User Experience for your products!
The particular design output developed is agreed in advance with you. We are happy to advise you concerning the particular methods and tools that integrate and contribute to enhancing your design process with UX material and input from UX design.

Your benefits: Sketches, storyboards, wireframes, HTML Prototypes, interaction- and functional prototypes, etc.

UX – Usability Testing

Usability and User Experience Evaluation

You have a product, a prototype, an idea and would like to know if your customer or user likes it? Find out about the way how and if he uses it? Identify issues like user satisfaction or problem areas that possibly exist or just find out if your product is simply usable?
Your interaction concept and user interface is unique! This also requires the proper methodology to evaluate your product. We are happy to advise you which evaluation technique makes sense for your product and the issues you want to find out.

Your benefits: Heuristic evaluations, expert and user evaluations, usability quick-checks, etc.

UX Knowledge

User Experience Training and Consulting

Bring the knowledge about usability and user experience (UX) into your company. We offer trainings, seminars, courses in different levels with the primary goal to establish at least a basic understanding in your company about User Experience and usability.

Your benefits: UX trainings and seminars, UX process – methods – tools consulting, etc.

Why do our customers come to us:

  1. We think user centered. By creating a customized methodical mix from methods and techniques we find out what users really need. These requirements are the basis for our projects leading to a win-win situation for you and your clients.
  2. We are thinking outside the box. As outside consultants we provide a lateral view to processes and problems and bring new and innovative approaches and ideas into your projects.
  3. We deliver products that are more than digital. Our designs focus on the customer's and user's contextual experiences. This allows the users to feel and enjoy more complete experiences that fit their needs and requirements in particular situations.

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